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28th Annual

June 12-13, 2010

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History of the Stearman Fly-In

 The history:  Many years ago, probably in the late summer of 1982, Dr. Kimball and his wife, Judy, were flying cross-country in their Mooney, when towering thunderstorms dictated a diversion and precautionary landing. They noticed that they were close to St. Francis, Kansas, and remembered that a friend and fellow Stearman owner, John Grace, lived there.  

 While waiting on the weather to clear, Dr. Kimball noticed the airport's three wide, well maintained sod runways, and commented that it would be a perfect spot for a Stearman gathering.  He asked if he could host one on the airport, and John replied, "Sure."

 The doctor did just that for several years, until the rapid growth of the event made it impossible for him to manage the event from afar. 

  Dr. Kimball has the honor of being the only person from outside St. Francis to have attended every Stearman Fly-In. 

t-28 Photo

Dr. Kimball's North American T-28 powered by a 1,400 horsepower Wright 1820 radial engine.

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